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Fulbright scholarship For international students in USA

Fulbright scholarship For international students in USA

Fulbright scholarship For international students in USA
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Detail of scholarship


Name of scholarship

Fulbright Foreign Student

Types of Scholarship

USA Government Masters/PhD degrees

Deadline of scholarship

Feb-Oct 2021

Course Start Date

AY 2022-2023


Description of scholarship

The Fulbright Commission funds Nepali students for the Fulbright Foreign Student Program (FFSP) for Master’s level study in the US. Approximately 4000 foreign students from 155 countries worldwide receive Fulbright scholarships each year. The program provides all expenses (including travel) for a Master’s degree program of up to two years at selected US universities, in any field, except Medicine and Nursing. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program announcement is generally made in late February/early March and eligibility requirements areas follows:

Eligibility criteria for scholarship

1. Applicant should have at least three years of work experience for man and at least two years of work experience for women after completion of a bachelor's degree. Any applicant having minimum work-duration requirement can apply for the scholarship even if working in several institutions.

2. student with three years of bachelor degree and first year of two-year master degree with completion of first are not ineligible to apply for a scholarship.

3. you must have at least 16 years of formal education years.

4. if you have a bachelor degree fewer than 4 years then you must have master degree to apply.

5. You must have at least 54% marks in bachelor or master degree for non-technical subjects like humanities and social science and at least 62% for science and technical subjects.

6. for the semester system you must have a GPA of 3.50/4 for either field science and technology field as well as non-science and non-technical field.

Eligible criteria are different for different countries. For full information visit USA embassy website of your country.  

Field of study

Fulbright encourages applications from all fields including interdisciplinary ones.  

Numbers  of award

Approximately 4,000 foreign students receive full bright scholarships each year.

Eligible country   

International student from 155 countries. For further information visit your country USA embassy office.

Application procedures   

For details of the application, procedure visit the USA embassy country-specific office in your country.

Official website Link

Official website http://foreign.fulbrightonline.org/about/foreign-fulbright



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